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Musical Jungle Gym

for Trumpet

Now Available!!

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"...absolutely love the new book!" - Ed

"It is a HUGE hit!" - Paige

"...masterpiece." - Matt

Tour and Tutorial:

 "My students have
    been blown away
     with it" - Yaphet


Print Edition (US)

Print Edition (Int'l)

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15% off order of at least 5 copies.
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This book is a passion project that I have been workshopping on and off for years.  Along the way, though many details changed from draft to draft, two “guiding-light” objectives have held fast:


1.) Write an intermediate level etude book that celebrates my favorite thing about the trumpet; it’s versatility. The studies you’ll find within I liken to a buffet of trumpet stylings (Dixieland, Symphony Orchestra, Ska, Baroque, Salsa, Broadway and many more) the idea being, if you play through everything, you’ll have “tasted” a good portion of the many styles of music in which the trumpet has made a home.  


2.) “Gamify” fundamentals using a deck of cards.  Two things about me: 1.) I love the feeling of drawing a card from a deck and seeing the hand I’ve been dealt.  2.) I hate getting stuck in warm-up ruts, though I am prone to it.  So, I used the joy of the first thing to transform the frustration of the second into something fun - draw a card to determine what to play.  This involved coming up with 52 options for several categories of fundamentals.  My goal with each was that they be simple enough for an emerging student to grasp fairly quickly, educational from a theory stand point and effective in encouraging good form in breathing, tone production and flow.


I associate Jungle Gyms as places that spark joy, invite play and exploration, inspire creativity and, if it’s a good one, encourage a certain degree of risk taking.  I loved playing on them as a kid and now, as a parent, I love watching my kids play on them.  I hope this Musical Jungle Gym can encourage some of those same feelings and be a place where you and/or your students can have fun and grow.

027 Checklist (MJG 2) - Score.jpg

PDF of Checklist
Helpful to keep track of assignments if you are teaching virtually.

MJG (Supplumental) checklist - Score.jpg

MJG Supplemental

Helpful (if you are teaching virtually) to keep track of some of the exercises that have too many checkboxes to fit on the main checklist.

MJG Rx.jpg

MJG Prescription Sheets
Helpful for prescribing practice assignments.
(2 per sheet)

Supplemental Material

More added every Sunday • Red = New


Expressions (Chords and rhythms).jpg

Chords for "Expressions" studies
So you can provide some
harmony to the melodies.


Expression Duets - Score - Score.jpg

Duet parts for "Expressions" 

So two can play!

Style Studies- Chords and Rhythms - Score.jpg

Chords for "Style Studies"
So you can provide some
harmony to the melodies.


Style Studies Duets.jpg

Duet parts for "Style Studies "
So two can play!(1/34)

October Tunes.jpg

October Tunes
A few just-for-fun tunes to jam out to during this awesome time of year!

Holiday Tunes.jpg

Holiday Tunes
A few Yuletid-ey tunes to jam out to during this coooool time of year!






Style Studies

Scale Modifications

Other Cool Scales and Styles


Jazz Improvisation

Style Studies
Scale Modifications
Other Cool Scales and Tonalities
Jazz Improv
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