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 for trumpet, horn (or trumpet/flugelhorn) and piano (2019)

Fantango is a tango-influenced piece that was commissioned by Conspiratus Brass with assistance from Kansas State University.  I love the drama and energy of tango music and have been interested in playing in that sonic sandbox for a while now.  Perhaps because the members of Conspiraus Brass are a married couple (Jim Johnson, trumpet and Kiirsi Maunula Johnson, horn) I thought this would be a good vehicle for that exploration. And while the title not-so-subtly suggests the heavy tango influence, I like that it also

suggests fantasia which, in terms of form, the piece most certainly is; and also, fandango, which is a lively Spanish dance for two.  After I completed the piece and was play testing the parts on my trumpet, I found that the horn part was completely playable by a trumpet or flugelhorn.

substitute trumpet/flugel part for the horn part is included with the piece. 

Duration: 6'


Print Edition (US Only)
Fantango - MIDI -
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