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One Man Blues Band

for unaccompanied trumpet (2018)


A bassline groove and a bluesy solo line...performed by one musician.  I've had an itch to write a piece like this for a while now, ever since hearing Bobby McFerrin’s incredible recording of Thinkin’ About Your Body, where he transitions between these two roles in such a masterful way that you'd swear there are two people singing.  

While this piece can certainly work well in a recital setting, I wrote it with situations like school outreach performances and family gatherings (“play something for us!”) specifically in mind - those times when you want to throw down something fun and impressive without stressing too much about it.  As with my previous unaccompanied piece, 
The Adventures Of...One Man Blues Band has many modification options both in duration and difficulty so it can be tailored to the performer's specific situations.  Jam packed with bluesy licks and trumpet effects set over a swinging groove, I like to think of this piece as an unaccompanied trumpet version of a Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis routine.

Many thanks to my good friend and amazing trumpeter, Michael Blutman, for commissioning this piece!

Duration range: 30" -  2' 15"

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