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Lux et Lapis  

for 2 trumpets and organ (2014)

Lux et Lapis. Light and Stone.  I love taking long walks when I’m working on a piece and usually these walks are out in the woods.  For this piece, however, I took every chance I could get to wander around two of the most magnificent cathedrals in the DC area: the National Cathedral and the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.  I love the rush of feeling so tiny when entering these massive sanctuaries.  With this work I have attempted to capture some of that awe-inspiring immensity. 


Lux et Lapis was commissioned by Georgia trumpeters Dr. Adam Hayes and Dr. Joel Treybig.

Lux et Lapis -

from Lux et Lapis

Adam Hayes, Joel Treybig - Trumpets

Andrew Reisinger - Organ

Print Edition (US Only)
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"Lux et Lapis is a modern tour de force for two trumpets and organ. Alternately lovely and bold, this piece has become the anthem of our concert touring. Kevin exceeded our expectations on this commission."

 -Adam Hays, Berry College

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