Dürrenhorn Passage 

for 6 trumpets (2009)

Dürrenhorn Passage was commissioned by Dr. James Zingara and Troy University trumpet ensemble.  The work was premiered at the 2009 ITG Conference in Harrisburg, PA.  The piece depicts flight through an epic alpine landscape.

Duration: 5'


Andy Allphin, Craig Taylor, Brandon Almagro, 

Davy DeArmond, Neil Brown, Kevin Gebo

"Kevin McKee has the unique ability to compose idiomatic, yet challenging works for brass that are as exciting and satisfying to the listener as they are to the performer.  Dürrenhorn Passage is an excellent work for trumpet ensemble and I feel privileged to have been part of it's premiere at the 2009 International Trumpet Guild Conference."

- Dr. James Zingara

University of Alabama at Birmingham

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