K  e   v   i   n     M      e   e     M   u   s   i   c


C o m p o s i t i o n T r u m p e t 

Vuelta del Fuego - Brass Quintet (2008)


The idea for Vuelta del Fuego came from a love of that Mexican "Zorro" sound that mixes over-the-top romance with unabashed flair and swagger.  I wrote this piece for a group that I played in at the time, the Continuum Brass Quintet, which was made up of some of the best musicians with whom I've ever played.

Duration: 7'

Jakub Waszczeniuk, Ostap Popovych - trumpets
Henryk Kowalewicz - horn
Tomasz Hajda - trombone
Krzysztof Mucha - tuba

"In all my years of playing brass quintets, I can honestly say that Vuelta del Fuego ranks on top of my most favorite pieces to play.  Not only fun for the players, but equally rewarding for the audience.  Kevin's compositions are appropriate for any venue and concert and he has emerged as one of the bright young stars in the brass quintet world with his new compositions."

• Ryan Anthony 

Dallas Symphony • Canadian Brass

"Love your work.  Your pieces are so exciting and approachable for any listeners."

• Martin Hackleman

Canadian Brass • Empire Brass

"...a bold and impressive work."

• 2011 ITG Journal Review