K  e   v   i   n     M      e   e     M   u   s   i   c


C o m p o s i t i o n T r u m p e t 

Under Western Skies 2 Trumpets and Piano (2014)  /  2 Tpts + Wind Ensemble (2015)

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When New Mexico trumpeter John Marchinado contacted me about writing a duo trumpet/piano piece, my immediate thought was to do something with a western flavor.  Before, and often during, my writing of this piece I poured over photographs of New Mexico’s high desert areas, many that really embody the classic notion we have of “the west” (see below).  The first movement, Sundown, attempts to accompany a classic western sunset.  The second movement, Sunup-High Noon, opens with muted trumpets heralding the morning light.  Before long we’re off on the days adventure.  The urgency of the mornings ride eventually slows as we ride into a ghost town and hear 12 ominous bell tolls signaling High Noon.  The trumpets begin a duel in what is a tip of the hat to western master Ennio Morricone.  After reaching it’s climax we’re off again to the rousing conclusion.

A big thanks to John and Brynn Marchinado for commissioning this work in it's original form for 2 trumpets and piano and to Richard Stoelzel for commissioning the adaptation for 2 trumpets and wind ensemble.

Duration: 10 - 11'

I. Sundown

II. Sunup - High Noon

from the album Under Western Skies

Richard Stoelzel and Rex Richardson, trumpets

Grand Valley State Wind Ensemble

Graham Lowell, Conductor

"Under Western Skies is a super piece for two excellent trumpet musicians to undertake. I enjoyed the premiere performance at ITG so much! It is wonderful to get a piece that requires great expression of the players but does not overdo the physical trumpet demands. Bravo Kevin!"

• Vincent DiMartino

 Trumpet Virtuoso

Shiprock, NM


"Like his big hit Centennial HorizonUnder Western Skies is a gorgeous piece exemplifying Kevin's great gift for writing music that is powerfully evocative of a particular time, place, and/or genre. Kevin captures mood with great clarity, and his works are so imaginative that they positively transport his performers and audiences alike."

• Rex Richardson

Trumpet Virtuoso • VCU