K  e   v   i   n     M      e   e     M   u   s   i   c


C o m p o s i t i o n T r u m p e t 

Last Lap - Trombone Quintet (2013)

The initial idea for this piece came from wanting to incorporate the "passing car" sound that every trombone player has played into a work, but not in a silly way.  Out of that grew the idea to have the piece be about a car race.  It begins with the sound of several race cars approaching and passing the listener as if they were a bystander at a race.  Then, bringing up the rear is one lone car.  It approaches but instead of passing like the others we are swept inside the car and the race!  Through mishap and comeback we stay in the driver's seat all the way through the Last Lap and the checkered flag.

Thank you to Jennifer Griggs, Josh Grodian, Ben McIlwain, Sarah Paradis and Craig Watson (the members of Tromboteam!) for their enthusiasm and initiative in commissioning this piece.


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from Tromboteam!'s album Last Lap

Tenor Trombones: Jennifer Griggs, Josh Grodian, Ben McIlwain, Sarah Paradis

Bass Trombone: Craig Watson

"I've known Kevin since 2003 when we roomed together at the Aspen Music Festival. I could not be MORE excited about his music and career! My trombone ensemble, Tromboteam!, commissioned Kevin to write Last Lap and it served as the title track of our debut album. Programmatic like many of Kevin's pieces, Last Lap is fun for both the performer and listener utilizing flutter glisses, multiple tonguing, soaring lines, and fantastic rhythmic backdrops. This piece could serve as an opener or closer to any program. I highly recommend that you check out Last Lap! Trombone + Racecar + Flutter glisses... what's not to love?!?!"
• Dr. Ben McIlwain
University of Southern Mississippi