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C o m p o s i t i o n T r u m p e t 

Centennial Horizon

Centennial Horizon was commissioned by Albany trumpeter Catherine Sheridan.  With two contrasting movements (Aspen Grove and Roaring Gunnison) connected by an interlude (Alpenglow), I have attempted to capture some of the beauty and adventure of what truly is an amazing place: Colorado (the "Centennial State").  Inspired by my late grandmothers love of that state, the first movement is an homage to her.  The Trumpet, Strings, Harp and Percussion adaptation was commissioned by Richard Stoelzel.  The Trumpet and Concert Band adaptation was commissioned by a consortium of 14 groups/individuals. 

Duration: 11' 30"

Trumpet +


US - mailed sheet music

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1/13/18 - As of this moment I will no longer be including a Bb part to Centennial Horizon (unless specifically requested). Playing the second movement on a Bb trumpet (in f# minor) is, in my opinion, too awkward to perform.   Instead, for those of you who don't own a C trumpet, I will be happy to email a PDF of the piano part transposed down a step which will allow you (the trumpeter) to play the C trumpet part on a Bb trumpet.  This will make the second movement a much more enjoyable experience! Thank you!

Trumpet +
Strings, Harp and Percussion


US - mailed sheet music

Int'l - emailed as PDF

(mailed/emailed within 24 hours)

Trumpet +
Concert Band

Aspen Grove

"One word has been used extensively to describe Kevin McKee's compositions - exciting...and McKee does not disappoint with this new composition."

• June 2012 ITG Journal

"I knew that Centennial Horizon was going to be a hit after the response I received from the audience when I first performed it.  I predict that this piece will be a staple in the trumpet literature and I look forward to performing it many more times in the future!!"

• Christopher Wilson

Arkansas State


Gunnison River

"Centennial Horizon was a favorite piece to the audiences on my tour....It is great to find a new piece that appeals to both audience and performer like a breath of fresh air!!  Surely CH will become a staple in our rep."

• Richard Stoelzel

McGill University

"Centennial Horizon is a brilliantly accessible concert piece for trumpet and piano.  The harmonic idiom and lyricism are very refreshing and the rhythmic drive gives both excitement and movement throughout the work.  After performing this work on numerous occasions on tour through China, this piece stood out as a wonderful crowd pleaser."

• James Ackley

University of South Carolina