K  e   v   i   n     M      e   e     M   u   s   i   c


C o m p o s i t i o n T r u m p e t 

 A Winter's Night - trombone and piano (2011)

 A Winter's Night  is a musical postcard written for my father Brian who started me on my musical journey and has remained my greatest mentor.  It depicts a solitary sashay amongst the eery beauty and foreboding calm of a snowy winter's night. 

Duration: 4' 30"

US - mailed sheet music
Int'l - emailed as PDF
(mailed/emailed within 24 hours)
Joe Marsala - trombone
Jessica McKee - piano

"A Winter's Night is a fantastic new addition to the trombone repertoire. It features beautiful, soaring melodic lines, is very enjoyable to perform, and audiences love it!  It works great on recitals, auditions and competitions.  I highly recommend it!"

Dr. Drew Leslie

Appalachian State